Good sources of metal

Well, I was looking at my school makerspace facebook and they were asking about metals. Here’s a few websites that are pretty useful (and cheap) to get metals:

Anyone else have a good discount supplier?

Locally, the Hive purchases metal through American Metal Supply in Blue Ash. They don’t bill themselves as a discount supplier, but they certainly seem to beat online pricing even for new stock. They also have a large discount remnants rack with short sections of metal left over from larger orders. Delivery rates are quite reasonable as well.

On that topic, I intend to order additional steel for the CNC router table next week. If anyone wants to purchase metal for their own projects, let me know via email or at Tuesday’s meeting and I’ll add it to the quote request.

It’s not a huge issue, but just a heads-up on American Metal Supply: you must purchase a minimum of $35 dollars of material from them per transaction.