Good laptop for under $1000

Hello all! So I’ve had an HP envy laptop (6t-1000) for about 3 years, and due to being sent to service many of times, they decided to just give me a comparable (or better) laptop to compensate. It’s better than what I had, but I wish I was able to upgrade to a better computer while I had a bit of spending money that I could put into it. So I decided to sell it and I purchased the Fangbook III HX6-100 Gaming laptop during a promotion for $841 bucks total. It’s a nice laptop, but I have a few minor issues that are bothering me about it, and so I’m at least considering options for a better laptop if there is one comparable to this one.

So my question is does anyone know of a good and/or reliable place to purchase a comparable laptop to the fangbook for under or around $1000?

Here’s the specs of the fangbook I have:

NOTEBOOK: CYBERPOWERPC FANGBOOK III 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 Display w/ Red backlit keyboard, Li-Ion Battery & Universal AC Adapter

People will be able to give you a MUCH more intelligent answer if you tell us more about what you are going to use the laptop for. The demands of gaming, business apps, audio, etc. are going to be rather different. Speed vs. capacity on storage, etc. Does weight matter to you? Durability? Warranty?

Specs mean so little in the world of laptops if you ask me.

My last 2 laptop purchases:
11/2014 Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon i5 3.6gz, 4Gb RAM, 128GB SSD, 14" 1400x900 screen, integrated video, 3lbs weight, 2 years on site warranty with damange protection $700 (used)
9/2011 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 i5 3420M, 4Gm RAM (upgraded to 8GB), 250GB HD (upgraded to 400GB Micron P4E SSD), 14" 1400x900 screen, 4.7lbs weight, 3 year on site warranty w/ accident damage protection $1240 (new)

Both of these suit my needs perfectly. I’ve used the warrant on the T420 about a dozen times as I’m very rough on laptops. Knock on wood, haven’t had to use the X1 warranty yet but it’s there for a reason…


It’s mainly going to be used for school work, Co-op gaming with charlie, and eventually used for design programs. I’d prefer to have a SSD (240gb would suffice i believe) to keep me from using the laptop to download things on a whim. Weight won’t be an issue. If it has a warranty that would be great (worked well for me in this case) but if it doesn’t matter if the site builds good quality laptops. Really, I believe that this laptop would suit all my needs nicely if it didn’t feel kinda flimsy, the keyboard gets toasty even with it properly ventilated, and if the shift keys are the size as all the letter keys (which is what bothers me the most to be honest). It’s why I’m looking for something comparable to this laptop, but I can’t find anything quite like it on any webstore via my normal methods of searching (google, amazon, newegg, tigerdirect), so I wanted to see if anyone knew of any good sites (or stores) to search…

Btw, are there any brands, companies, or parts that I should avoid due to cheap components or high failure rates?

Thanks for the comment Dave, where did you purchase your laptops at?

X1 Carbon: ebay

T420: lenovo direct

I’m a peculiar case in the sense that I am so hard on my laptops and I depend on them for work which leaves me in the situation where I always keep at least one laptop under a accident-protection warranty at all times. This means that service quality and availability are the most important buying criteria for me as opposed to anything else about the laptop.

You can get a really nice T430 with 2-3 years of warranty left for the kind of money you’re talking about. Shadoxx has a T430 ( I think ) and I have a T420 if you want to check em out more. I’m quite partial to Lenovo and Dell’s business laptops. Lenovo Thinkpad T, X series primarily and Dell Latitude (NOT inspiron!!!) because of the 3-5 year onsite warranties with accident protection available.