Go-Kart Stuff


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve been around, and I’m sure stuff has been used or stored, but I was interested in playing around with the go-kart stuff again and was curious about what had happened to all of the parts. If they’ve all been thrown out, it’s not a big deal, but knowing the hive I suspect they got stuck in a box somewhere. Anyone have any ideas, and mind if I start using/relocate the parts to free up some storage space?

Some stuff is gone, or may have been taken home by Kevin. We had a space crisis and way too much started piling up everywhere.The more universally useful parts were likely put away, probably by me. I’m headed down to Hive now, if you wanted me to point you in the right direction.


I think some of the battery packs are in a box by the electronics area on the floor.
We can do a group search Tuesday night.

Sounds good, I should be able to make it tomorrow.

The kart ended up being scrapped structurally. Will that had worked on it grabbed most of stuff as he said he was continuing the kart. All of the battery packs were kept at the hive and have not been cycled since the last test runs. With the cleanups and myself being out for surgeries I have no idea where exatcly the arduino and controls went… possibly with will. I still have a handfull of motorycle parts left if you are starting on anything new, Shoot me an email.

I figured the kart got scrapped, but I was really hoping for the electrical bits to be sticking around. It’s good the batteries are still there, I’ll have to reach out to will and see if he has (had) the motor controllers still. They’re pretty expensive… I guess I’ll find out tonight when I take a look around.

Shudder, that whole thing turned into a mess. Forgive me if I’m a bit hesitant about its return.

He said he was going to build one at home with people from the net. He took what he said belonged to you and him after a meeting one night and had talked to you. It kind of came to a crazy end…