Glasswork Torch and Tools Certification Classes

I am just about ready to start certifying people to use the glass torch and tools. If you are interested in giving it a try, please let me know your availability and we can schedule group or individual certification classes. I have put a sign up sheet on the torch table, feel free to sign up there, leave a message here, send me an email at, or use the glass slack channel at (whichever way is easiest for you, I should get the message.).

Doing group classes would be best limited to 2-3 people at a time, and I also have absolutely no problem doing things one on one to suit people’s schedules. The basics of safely operating the equipment will likely take about an hour to cover. Beginning techniques for actually working the glass are likely to take 1 to 3 additional hours depending on how in depth you feel like getting (can easily be split up into multiple demos/lessons covering more and more techniques).


Kevin M.
Woodworking (and Glass?) Warden

Bump for interest.


Hey Kevin, Sarah and I are definitely interested

Im very very interested

Joe Pomeroy

Excellent! What’s y’alls availability? Thursday evening next week would be good since I have my warden hours, or we could target a weekend day.

Saturday morning or mid afternoon is best for me or Sunday after 12pm

Saturday Afternoon should be fine or Sunday after noon works as well.(I will double check my schedule.)

I’ll be doing a certification class with Daniel and Sarah tomorrow during my warden hours (starting 5-6ish assuming cooperating weather). I have enough safety glasses for one additional person to sit in if anyone can make it.

I have also received a request from Joe to do 1:00 on Sunday which should be a go as far as I can tell, so two spots open then as well.

If you are interested and can hop on one of those times, post so I know who to expect! If those times don’t work for you, don’t hesitate to ask for me to meet you another time, I’m reasonably flexible given a day or so notice.

-Kevin M

If this sort of thing is going to happen again anytime in the coming months, I’d be interested. I live in Cincy but work in Lawrenceburg, so 630pm is my earliest during the week or a weekend has more flexibility. Appreciate you sharing the knowledge!

I'm doing this classes by appointment, send me a message on slack and we can hash out a good time! Same goes for anyone else interested, I can do up to 3 people at a time.

There appears to be enough interest for me to schedule another class or two. Anyone else want to join a Glass Torch Certification Class on the 23rd or 24th?


I have 3 of us (Myself, wife and daughter) we can do weeknights (after 630) or weekends fairly anytime.

Thank you!

Bump for interest. I've got Dave and family scheduled for Saturday 3:00 if anyone else wants to join in.