Glass Torchwork Updates and Class Offering

My friend Lisa has been kind enough to buy and leave at the hive a pair of over-prescription safety glasses for the glass torch. So now anyone who was holding off because of glasses conflict can conveniently and safely use/watch the torch.

I also purchased a LOT more glass. Kayla has labeled each individual glass rod with a price, and there is a bucket on the table for collecting the money. All money that shows up in that bucket will be used to buy more glass or refill the gas bottles.

If anyone else would like to do a basic certification class, let me know and we can set a date and time. I can do individuals or groups of up to 3 (4 at a stretch, but it starts to take too long). Also, if anyone already certified would like to do a class showing a couple more advanced techniques, let me know.

Well… not all of them. Some of them! Still working on it!