Give Hive13 Some Love - Saturday 11/8/2019, 12:00-4:00pm

Hey! Tomorrow is this month’s Love the Hive (insert you prefered/better name here) Day, and you should come!

Each month we have a day set aside where we ask for anyone who can make it to come into the hive and help us work through stalled Hive projects, clean up messes, fix broken equipment, and generally try and make the space nicer.

As well as the normal cleaning and such, attached is a list of (just some) of the things that you could help out with. Feel free to pick something on there and hop on it, or make your own choice for something that would make the hive better. Also, if there is something you think should be on the list that we missed, but you can’t handle yourself, let us know and we will get it added and put a team on it!

See you tomorrow!


Kevin M.
CNC & Machining Warden

err… forgot the list… here it is. (very much a work in progress, please make suggestions, we are trying out trello to track this stuff)

Love the Hive Day Tasks _ Trello.pdf (177 KB)

I can’t make it due to horse and D+D but I think you meant 11/9 :wink: