Gimps ne... I mean help needed for Propane Percussion

Hello Hive13!

I could use a few assistants (5 people or so) to assist in propane percussion. Your job will be one of two things:

1.) Stand with the controls and allow participants to bang the drum heads. You’re supervising them to ensure everybody gets a fair shot, and that nobody abuses the controls too much.

2.) stand in the fuel dump and do damn near nothing, but be prepared to close the 1/4 turn ball valve should a problem arise… I don’t plan on any problems, and as ya’ll know this is a mature project that’s been traveling with me for almost 2 years now.


  • 18 years of age

  • common sense

  • desire to learn how you too can not be terrified of propane flame effects.

Much love,

–Matt Starbuck

PS: Whoops, this is obviously for the Maker Faire on October 19th!

I can help in the evening (i.e. 5pm ->close) as I have to be a parent beforehand.

Wanna do 6-8p? I figured 5 people at about 2 hours a pop since I planned on running past the 7:30 voluntary tear down… or until I’m out of LPG.


PS: I’m changing my diesel fuel filter today so my wife can use my big truck instead of me :stuck_out_tongue: