The Gagibot is "semi" working. If you use your own computer to generate the GCode, you can put it on the Micro SD card and it will print from it... with one huge caveat... you can't do it from a Mac or any other device that writes any extra files to the SD card.

It must be FAT16 formatted, with short 8.3 file names in the root... with no additional files. (If it sees them, it will display the list, but will fail to launch them.)

The USB port appears to be shot on the electronics (at first glance) and I'm going to debug it Tomorrow night.

Other than that... it's working just fine. (There is a Gigabot Slic3r profile that Ian uploaded to the hive's network a few weeks ago that will work just fine with Slic3r and Repetier to generate your models.)

You can use any of the filament under the Gigabot or what is installed... please don't break into my unopened supply under the table just yet... I haven't tested it yet. (Also, I have some colored filaments that I intend to use on another project.)


Wow... iOS really screwed that up... it's Gigabot... not sure what autocorrect was thinking with that other junk.

The Gag-i-bot is for a whole different crowd. Or maybe not, I shouldn’t make any assumptions about people’s personal lives.

You stole my joke Marcus!

It is Bill’s next startup…

Don’t judge …

I sent the following inquiry a few days ago, but have heard no reply. Can you help this along?? I know you are the 3d printing go-to guy. Thanks

Good Morning,

I am Herb Saunders and I visited your facility 3/25/14. I was then and am still interested in 3d printing technology. As a result, I am looking for a large footprint machine and so I was directed to your use and run of the Gigobot on your premises.

I am curious about two specific items:

  1. Would you, through your group, be willing to run some larger (approx 20 or 24 x 20 or 24” [not solid product, but shells]) prototypes to get us off the ground on a new to market product? We would need development help plus software conversion / use / etc.

  2. Would you be in the market to sell your Gigabot? If so, at what cost?

We have, as I’ve indicated, little to no experience with 3d printing and would welcome some one-on-one time and advice about how to proceed with our project.

Thank you for your time and interest.



As to answer question number one, I don’t think that we would have any issues with some of the larger materials through the Gigabot.

With regards to question number two, the Gigabot is not property of hive13, and as such, we are not in a position to offer it for sale at any cost.



Hello Herb!
This is Mike, I talked with you when you visited the space on the 25th. To add on to what Ian said:


Hi All,

I am a new student member and I had my first (impressive!) visit to the space Tuesday, April 8th.

To be short, for my student project I am trying to print with Shapeways and it doesn’t look like it will print in time. I’m highly considering canceling the order and ordering some flexible PLA with rush shipping so I could get started on the Gigabot!

I’ll read over the wiki, but would an expert be willing to assist me initially?
Is the Gigabot generally available next week?
My print is about 8.5" dia, half sphere .8mm shell.
I read the comments about donations, this looks like it would be more economical than Shapeways so that’s not a problem! :slight_smile:


Become a member, have at it. There aren’t any restrictions on the use of stuff at the hive aside from consideration of other members.

AFAIK, the 3D Printers don’t have a schedule yet although that might be a useful service to implement via our google services shared calendar. Good idea. :slight_smile:

I think there is a decent amount of PLA at the space. Unless you need specific colors, you could probably just replace what you use and spare the rush shipping? I’d also double check requirements before ordering anything because I think the gigabot is setup for a (somewhat) unusual diameter filament.

Bill would be person to dbl check with for final word on gigabot status. I think most of the filament that is around was purchased by him as well.


That was fast! Thanks Dave, I haven’t gotten my badge from Ian yet, but I’ll stop by and see what is “in-stock.” Otherwise, I am looking for a milky-opaque or white flexible material. I read it’s set up for 3mm right now, while the 1.75 is more common?

Any tips for accessing the space without a badge? The Space Status on the website always indicates closed. Yep, no bodies seem present under SPY either!

Right now it’s set up with a clear ish opaque filament :slight_smile:

Also, text me at 419 618 3031 if no one is there when you get there


Thanks for the reply. I will get with my partner and we will decide how we want to proceed. We certainly would expect to pay for the materials we use and the small donation you mentioned is not an issue. We appreciate the help. I will get back to you next week. Thanks again.


Thanks. I will noodle this with my partner and we’ll get back to you. I am also corresponding with Mike.

I have just ordered this Flexible PLA:

It doesn’t appear that the Gigabot has a heated bed, is that correct? Any thoughts on if this material will work?
The documentation just mentions using a slower feed rate, would a heated bed help with adhesion throughout the build?

Thanks all!

The Gigabot does not have a heated bet. However, there is large heated pad currently under the gigabot… Bill was talking about installing it…could be a good project…

Heated bed helps stuff stick, you can also try putting down some ABS dissolved in acetone and/or creating a raft in your slicer program. Other tricks out there as well. Hard to know how well a new filament like this will work without a heated bed unless you can find someone who’s tried it.


Ah so it could have a heated bed! I’ll take a quick look, but yes, I will have to add supporting geometry to my model. Is a raft a thin planar feature that the model “floats” on-top of? Expanding the bed contact surface area? Sounds functional!

Alright so it seems Shapeways isn’t going to be delivering in-time for my design critique…
Would anyone be free this weekend or early this week to give me a quick crash course?
I’ll be a quick study, I am familiar with the maker bot and 3D printing concepts!
I’m very flexible time-wise. I also plan to be in Tuesday!

Thanks all
(970) 581-4332

Re: " There aren’t any restrictions on the use of stuff at the hive aside from consideration of other members."

The wiki lists the gigabot, as well as many of the other interesting tools as “certification required”, like the laser cutter. I’ve always respected that, despite it being a little frustrating getting certified with no process for certification. Moreover, there is a scary sign over one of the other 3D printers threatening anyone who changes the settings. Well, it’s a bit tongue in cheek, but it’s there.

I’ve never had any doubt that if I were to say, “I want to use the 3D printer, so-and-so, please show me how” hive members would happily make it happen. Even more importantly, I have no doubt that I could just do a little research and dive in, I really don’t need or even particularly yearn to have anyone show me. But respect for those rules have always kept me from just poking around on some things, and using some tools.

I don’t think those rules need to be changed, particularly for something easy to screw up like the laser cutter, but if there are tools we don’t feel as strongly about, maybe they shouldn’t be marked on the wiki as requiring certification. Particularly in the absence of a process to do it.