Gigabot working, please read before printing...

Gigabot will print (well). It’s on the ol’ switch method for now, and I’m in DC for a week now, so I’ll be unable to hook up.

  1. BEFORE PRINTING - RETRACT THE Z-PROBE ON PRINT HEAD (YELLOW TIPPED BARREL) just in case, so it doesn’ t crash on the bed – it may be down kind of low right now.

  2. Make sure that sensor wire is pulled through 1st track so it doesn’t snag on anything) and tape the end down. Dustin said he’d pull it the remainder , but anyone can do it - there is room, but it’s tight. I suggest straightening the end of a paper clip, taping that tight to cable, bending a hook, and pulling it with fishing line (fishing line is on the bed now). Silicone spray lube or KY jelly is helpful in a pinch (no oils, though, please).

3. 1.2mm Nozzle is installed now. So print a little slower (maybe 45mm / sec or so to start). The 70mm/S we were using for .4mm nozzle may be too fast, and lead to bad layer adhesion. Size of nozzle still make print WAY faster for large parts we need to do now. 0.6 layer hight was working well. You can try higher, but 1mm hight may lead to a slinky.

But, inducttive Z-axis sensor is not enabled yet – measured the Azteeg, and we have a revision that is different than the most typical board, so I need to slightly adjust my circuit to pull down instead of pull up (sigh). This is pretty easy, though, since I used a PNP / NPN 2 BJT combo in case of such things, so I just need to switch the collector from CVV to Z-common via 10K pull down (maybe 4.7K) and we’ll be business. Won’t have to re-bias…

Will update wiki when I can to update the schematic.


You seriously overcomplicated that circuit. We knew it needed to be a pull down when we first looked at it. If I have time, I’ll put a N-FET on it and it will be happy.

Just to update on this,
I ran the wire through the first track and taped it to the next track so that the wires are out of the way. However, as I was running it through the tracks, a screw popped out and fell on the floor. I picked it up and tried to find it’s home, but I could not locate it. I don’t think the screw would effect how the gigabot prints, but I would feel better if someone who has more experience with the in’s and out’s of the gigabot did a once over on it before people started printing on it.

Can’t wait to see the bed leveling sensor up and running!


I have been traveling, so I’ve had little time for finishing Zmin sensor. I measured the voltages on Azteeg, checked wiring diagrams, and schematic, but I’ll have to hook it up in a week and a half when I’m back.

For now, just print as usual.

Azteeg docs are all over the place - the Zmin wiring is different in the schematic than the wiring diagram… So, I’ll just need to pulse a logic tester into it when I get back and hook up my shifter then. Repeat: OUR BOARD DOES NOT MATCH SCHEMATIC / WIRING DIAGRAM. I can take care of it easily, though, since I have the measurements.

See you in 1.5 weeks.


I didn’t get that wavelength. I was tired that night. If you can get it going easily, awesome. I just defaulted to an old standby that does both high and low depending on hookup. You can just hook up at gate of NPN instead of collector and you’ll get pull down.


Last reply was to DaveB.

Dave - I didn’t see your message until just now. Doh.

I haven’t had time to mess with it anyway…