Gigabot tinker and results (Acceleration & Spiral Vase)

Fans of Gigabot:

I’ve spent many hours over the last two days developing some things…

My higher-quality, high-speed+acceleration printing profile is a work in progress. Take a look at my acceleration and speed settings, there fast but the low accel keeps things moving very fluidly. This profile needs more work on the basics of extruding the correct amount. Here are some of the things I observed:

- High speed extusion needs higher temperatures. Currently ~205

  • Extrusions at speeds above 75mm/s may thin or stutter. This was especially apparent when infilling, Rec 70mm/s but can be compensated with higher temps.
  • Gigabot doesn’t like 300+ mm/s (travel moves) even with soft acceleration. Maybe some belts just need tightened, but while the max in firmware is 500 mm/s, that speed was way too high, 320 seemed okay but resulted in occasional skip. Using 200mm/s for now, maybe the firmware should be lowered to 300 mm/s?
  • Cooling delay on small models/layers. This needs some refinement… but all those speed/accel settings go out with window with the auto cooling/slowing enabled. Although Spiral Vase needs little time delay since 1or2 layers cool quickly!
  • ~20% Time save? So far it seems, like this .2mm config can run as fast as the default .35 build, with better quality hopefully.

Jim encouraged me to try Spiral Vase, just for fun! I set up a profile for this, also using accel. It’s a little tricky, Slic3r can be a little finicky just getting it to process the model. If you try this profile be sure to check the base for any travel collisions. I had to add G-Code to raise the extruder during one travel move! There are instructions for this in the notes of my config.
Depending on your model/settings you can generate a single extrusion wall or a 1&2/3 (two offset). The thicker wall was a happy accident as it’s much stronger, but it does bare a slight seam.

  • Check out the samples in the fablab!

Play with my settings!

Also! Thank you and Props to everyone who’s helped get the Gigabot running as well as it does now!
It is so much easier to work with compared to 3 months ago!