Gigabot status

Currently the gigabot wiring should be complete! Please feel free to look and comment :slight_smile:

I managed to damage another one of those switches though, so we should consider buying a few more...

Additionally I was unable to get any axes moving but I there was some circuit board laying outside the gigabot that belongs to it I believe. I didn't touch the electronics so I was curious if someone else knows of any updates or in progress items there. Someone who knows more about this machines electronics may be able to trouble shoot it better.

So, this is what is left to do before the gigabot will be operational:
Fix z switch
Replace y switch
Level bed and synchronize screws
Troubleshoot electronics
Double Check screws to make sure everything is back together


Has anyone placed an order for the switches yet?

They wanted to replace the USB cable electronics so it can be run directly again. That is why the electronics were taken apart.

The repairs on the gigabot seem to be complete! The gantry has been adjusted and the bed has been leveled and adjusted properly. A little more work on the Z axis homing position may be in order, but otherwise I think we’re set. The cable guide is now properly in place and that saga of broken wires is hopefully over for good.

Currently however we are seeing some issues with shifting during prints. It keeps happening right as I walk away, but the shifts seem to occur after ~4 layers or so. I’ve left a ruined part on the print bed for demo. I don’t believe the printer is catching on anything, but the shifts appear to be happening in the y axis (the one with two steppers) and the shifts are about 1/4th inch. Again, no idea what is happening but the travel was smooth when we set it up. I’m curious if one of the steppers may have an intermittent wire (these are NOT in the cable guide btw) or if one of the stepper drivers might be going bad. Regardless, I have no clue but will have to sit by the machine and babysit it until it happens again.

-Jim Shealy