gigabot limit switches

does anyone know where the screws are to mount the limit switches on the gigabot are? mike has the limit switches here but we can’t find the correct screws to mount them.


I just used the small hex bits that were sitting on the gigabot, the limit switch has been replaced with the new one. Jon Neal and I leveled the bed and tightened the 2 side axis belts, there was a lot of play and my test prints were getting stair stepping. The new X limit switch has been bent so that it hits the wire management, in its default spot it ground the steppers so some appropriate bending was required.

appears to be all good now? maybe. we’ll see when i get through this print.

I lied, the x axis is still binding up on something randomly. I’m out of my league troubleshooting at the moment.

Mike, thanks for getting the switches! I'm planning on heading down this afternoon and I'll see if I can see anything different. Just so I'm clear, the x-axis is the single or double stepper motor axis?

It is the double stepper axis. It kept getting caught on something midway through the print and skipping a bunch of steps.

It is the horizontal double stepper access. I turned on some of the acceleration settings for the axes in the control portion of the controller. I know that step or motors will scream and act funny if you get to try to drive them to fast or accelerate too fast it seemed to help a little bit but , I still got my random x-axis offset and general fuck up