Gigabot is being weird again

Okay, so gigabot head crashed on G28 (Z-probe did not trip). I adjusted the probe lower, it now trips.

However, the nozzle height was too high. I tried M212 Z-0.5, etc. M212 doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried M212 Z10, and the print was always at the same height. So, marlin is not listening to M212. I also tried M851, but the min Z offset there is -15 and max is -5, so it won’t allow any change unless it’s between -5 and -15.

I looked at the latest Marlin build Bill had on the laser computer. I made a copy and tried compiling it as written to get it back to “default”. It would not compile.

Stumped and stepping away from the gigabot…

Why is it that I can get pretty much any 3d printer going now, but never gigabot?