Gigabot Heated Bed?

Any solutions to getting the heated bed working again? It seems a shame to have it just sitting there unusable…

Replacing the warped aluminum bed with thinner bed + glass on top & the silicone heater stuck to aluminum would work. Could add cross members to keep large bed rigid…

Seems like cast MIC-6 Aluminum is much much less prone to warping. However, 1/4" 24x24" plate is $150+

We could machine existing plate flat (or have it machined) and do this.

Just throwing this out there. It’s not pressing, but seems a waste.

Finally, larger diameter inductive sensors are available that can sense through glass (identical to the one used now, but wider & beefier to create greater eddy current per mm). Plenty of folks have had success using copperleaf foil under glass so probe triggers.