Giga-bot Stopped

If you were printing something on the gigabot:

When I arrived this morning, I noticed a clicking sound coming from the machine. The build area is a mess, and the machine was at the far side of the “X” axis and limiting out.

I stopped the job via the “Stop” button on the control panel, however, that’s as far as I’ve gone. If you need anything else, please let me know.


Thanks Ian, that was my build. I started it at 9:00 this morning and stuck around for the first 30 min or so of the print. I wonder what happened, maybe my Gcode was corrupt, although it was printing fine while I was there.

sorry to make a mess of the printer :frowning:


Unfortunate. I ran about a minute of a test print after moving the machine on Saturday, but didn’t run the job to completion or test all of the limit switches. Perhaps one was jostled loose in the move.

We can look more closely this evening. If anyone needs easy access to the far side of the printer in the meantime, note that the stand’s adjustable feet rest on small cupped rubber pads. Moving those pads out from under the feet should allow the entire assembly to slide freely forward on the carpet.