Gift to the hive for sewers!

Hey all,

Last night I brought down a “gift” for people who like to sew at the hive.

It is a Brother PE-150 embroidery machine with a variety of accessories. It has a hacked memory card thing (called the amazing box) so you can load custom designs on to the machine which is really, really nice.

The laptop that has the appropriate software is oooold and sllooww so I may want to rip the software off of it before putting the machine to use.

Happy holidays!

2015-12-25 00.30.48.jpg

Hive sewers… I’m an idiot. I meant “sew”-ers.

That is awesome!

Ha! I thought we got a new sewer bot to explore the ninja turtle hideout. :kissing_heart:

Wow that’s fantastic! Can’t wait to learn how to use it!