Just out of curiosity I have a need to try and recover a image according to Symantec of a bug that was fixed with Ghost 11.5.1 version that I should be able to allow me to extract the image back down was wondering if anyone has that about I might meet up and try to bring the image back down with

Little background on this the image is encrypted with mcafee and has a root virus in the mbr thats effecting the drive allocation table keeping ghost from letting me bring it back down with version 11 , it throwing that the image has inconstancy error’s. Saddly after the fact when I learned I had issue bring it back down i’d been better off just cloning it to another drive

Have the error code somewhere , if anyone interested.

Does it need to be that exact version? 11.5.1?

I found version 11 (not sure what the subversion number on it is)

Yea I suspect it probably needs to be , I have tried a few over 11.0 and none of them have worked, According to their forums and of course there last version before they scrapped Ghost was 11.5.1 which allegedly corrected the issue in most case though I suspect with the encryption it may not make a difference just thought id give it a shot or toss it out here if anyone is crazy good with recovering ghost images :wink: , Ive already tried a fair bit of things. Thought might as well go with the hail marry and toss out request here :wink: I’ve found coming across that version pretty hard to find.

It’s like 4.5 megs. How do you want me to send it to you?