Game night suggestions

Ezra would like to setup a game night with the Nintendo Switch.
Any input/thoughts would be appreciated.
We are thinking July 27th (Sat) early evening to later evening.
I’ll put it on the calendar and we will work on details.



I put a game night on the Hive calendar starting at 7:00pm this Saturday (July 27).
I know Ezra was looking at the Switch and some others were interested.
Feel free to come down to the Hive and hook into the projector and have some fun.
I may not be able to come myself, but bring some food/drinks and make it a good time.

I will be out of town this weekend. Which means I will not be able to bring the Kirby Death Squad against all of you in Smash Brothers. The plus side is that other people will get the chance to win a game now.

So whenever someone wins a game this weekend, you can view that as a personal gift from me.

A preemptive “Your Welcome”,
Will B