Game Night Reminder

Just a reminder that we’re having Game Night and a cookout tomorrow starting around 6:30 P.M. If you’re bringing something to eat, post it here.

I’m bringing Skyline chili dip and probably BBQ chicken.

I have burger patties, though I need to stop somewhere for buns, and maybe cheese, There are pickle slices in the fridge as well as mustard and (I think) catsup. plus there’s a few onions left on the table

I’ll roast vegetables/potatoes, and bring stuff for salad. I could also do steaks or a mustard crust chicken if people want a barbecue alternative.

For my part, I’m pretty happy with barbecue anything.

  • Ry

A couple of us appeared early, so consider cooking officially underway. Mostly because I showed up ravenous and knocked off a quick steak and asparagus… but still.

Also, it rains in the annex now. So that’s fun.

  • Ry

Did we figure out what was Erin with the card access system?

Have fun. We just saw the Han Solo movie. It was pretty good.


It seems that the Arduinos started before the DHCP server, never got an IP, and never retried. A quick kick in the rebooty fixed them up.

The annex door reader power supply was failing and has been replaced. We intend to add a mechanical override for future power failure situations.

  • Ry

I almost reset the door Arduious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apologies everyone, there are some dirty pans soaking in the sink I will try to get them cleaned up tomorrow.

There are some leftovers out on the table and in the fridge. Feel free to munch and Nosh, some of it was pretty good!

Sheriff of Nottingham was a riot! Sometimes you can’t bring enough apples to Market!