Game Night Friday Jan 27th

Folks, I’m setting up a game night on Friday January 27th, starting at 7PM down at the Hive.

I’m planning on bringing a few lighter games and a few more involved games. I’ll have something for 3 players and I believe Ultimate Werewolf can have up to 63 players.

Feel free to bring any other games you might want to play as well when you come down.

Will B

Does this conflict with 2600? I can’t remember which day it is…
otherwise, yaaaaày!

According to the calendar, 2600 is the week after the game night (March 3rd).

Yay yay yay! I’ll bring a homemade warm dip and crackers to share!! Probably either pizza dip or buffalo chicken!

hmm something doesn’t add up…january 27th and then the week after that is march 3rd?

Dustin... is there something you haven't been telling us, like about that time machine?

I will be there a bit late: closer to 8, with pizza dip in hand. Family thing will run a bit long. Can’t wait to get my game on!!

iappologize, something has come up and i’m not going to make it.

Is that a shareable recipe... I loved the liquid pizza rolls lol!