Game Day

I recently heard rumors of somebody else wanting to do another game day soon. I’m available just about any Saturday from here to the Maker Faire, to help out, and can even show up for some gaming before noon.

What week would be available to members for this? I’m not too worried about people being there all day, but the more the merrier. I’ve been wanting to try out a few games that I recently purchased, as well as a few that have been at previous game days. Specifically, I want to try Dominion, and I have a copy of “Cheap Shot” an insult rummy game, as well as “Are you the Traitor?” a game similar to Werewolf or Mafia, in which players try to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are. If there are a couple of spare hours after that, I’m up for just about anything, even trying to run a Kobolds Ate My Baby game for six players, if there’s enough interest.

I’m more interested in game evenings, and keep meaning to just announce I’m bringing games on a given night, but my Saturday evenings keep being busy lately. This list hasn’t been updated in some time so there are lots of games missing, but I would be willing to bring any of these:

I’m particularly interested lately in co-operative games like pandemic and flash point:fire rescue.

I’m in! I would Iove to do this! I don’t have much in the way of games to bring, but I love playing games! If this becomes a regular thing, it would even be great to get a DnD campaign going. (Any interested DMs out there?) Or another RPG world; there have been some really fun and successful LOTR, space pirate, and zelda games.


P.S. Dominion is really fun, but I haven’t played in years!

I haven’t played D+D in about 20 years! Man! If I only had the time!



I second, Elly. I’m an RPGer, some of my friends and I just had a gaming con. LOTR and zelda sound particularly interesting. I would also suggest a star wars world.

it’s changed a lot, Dave… all kinds of weird derivative classes… not just fighter, paladin, cleric, mage, thief anymore.

As far as our usual game day, DnD and relatives thereof at the same scale might be a bit big for a one-day game. Hence the KAMB offer. Though, I’d be willing to consider a short Pathfinder campaign, or even a character generation workshop, I need to work through that myself before I start buying unnecessary guides to character creation.

Sounds Awesome. I would be game for some type of evening activity. Could we include Catan as a game ?

Very, very true.

What days are we proposing for this?

I’m assuming a Saturday or Sunday would be the most reliable date for most people, or a shorter evening meetup during the week. I’m going to propose the Saturday, 21st of September.

For those who want Catan, I have every expansion in 3-4 player. Let me know which one you want to play, and I’ll bring it. I’m missing some of the smaller expansions, pre-made maps, and variant games, such as any of the space themed or Catan Histories series, but the core 5 boxes are begging for play. Yes, this does mean that I have the new Explorers and Pirates expansion, and from what I can tell, it is to Seafarers what Pathfinder is supposed to be to DND 3.5

What time would work for everyone? I’d love to come but I’m not off work until 4.

The last game day ended with conversation sometime around 8:00 PM if I remember correctly, and there are some who start work around noon, so I figure if I show up at 10:00 AM for those players with a few games, it would be better than leaving them out.

I’m completely jammed up this weekend, but I am eager to know what people think of an evening event, perhaps during the week on a night other than Tuesday? I am open to suggestions.

One idea I had was a space themed evening, where we play Artemis and Spaceteam. They aren’t board games, and they require computers or tablets, but they are more like LARP than video games.

Artemis ( is a game were people work different stations on the bridge of a starship to perform missions. The positions are captain, helm, weapons, science, communications, and engineering. Up to 6 people can play on a bridge, and you need at least 3 Windows computers to do it. I have a copy of Artemis and I can set up 3 Windows laptops, but I would need to borrow 3 more machines to run all 6 stations. I have only played it once when I was at Notacon earlier this year, but it was a lot of fun. It’s possible to run up to 36 players on six separate starships in either co-op or PvP, so there is room to grow the event if there is significant interest.

Another fun space game to play with the assistance of technology is Spaceteam: which you can play on an iOS or Android device. It’s kind of a parody of Artemis in that you are also part of the crew on a starship, except that the ship is falling apart and you fix it by doing goofy sci-fi things like degreasing space shifters and engaging spline drives.

When I was at Notacon, I protested the long wait to play Artemis by hosting my own Spaceteam game in the hallway outside the Artemis room. The result was two groups of people playing a serious Star Trek type game in a dark room, and four drunk people sitting in the hallway yelling at each other and shaking their phones. I had so much fun playing Spaceteam that I forgot I was trying to distract people from playing Artemis so that I could get a turn.

Also, the guys at Penny-Arcade think Spaceteam is fun, so you should think it’s fun too: (NSFW language)

During the hive meeting we discovered that this weekend was busy anyways, so we shouldn’t have the game day on Saturday the 21st.

As for computer games, I have no problem with a LAN party if everybody can agree on a game or set of games to play. I am reluctant to purchase new PC games, and I have no interest in Artemis or Spaceteam. I can accept Minecraft or Terraria, as those should both run easily on my somewhat aging laptop, with it’s limited GPU. To be clear on this, I have no problem if others wish to set up a game night for those games, or even play them during a normal game day, I just have no personal interest in them at this time.

Assuming we start a game night at 6:00 PM, we would have to make a game night last until 10:00 PM for any decent game time and variety to be involved. For those such as myself that live outside of Cincinnati, that is fairly late to drive, though not impossibly so.

There are no rules that say we have to have only one game day. It is more than reasonable to try to spread it out a little, if that fits everybody’s schedule better. For a weeknight game, what of Friday, October 4, starting at around 6 or 6:30, and ending around 9:30 to 10:00 PM depending on how active people are?
For a full game day, what about Saturday, October 5, starting at 10:00 AM, and ending around 10:00 PM if people stick around long enough, with a break at lunch?
Do we know if any other workshops or projects are being worked on during those dates?

Anyone ever use


That looks really cool. Also interested if anyone has tried it yet.

Speaking of Minecraft…
Do we have a little space and compute power to run a Hive 13 Minecraft server?

I know nothing about Minecraft server requirements but I’m pretty sure we could find a home for it. I want no part in running it, but I can arrange for server space. If it will run under linux, you can run a VM on the VMware server. That would probably be the best way to handle it that I can think of. The VMWare server is a dual-quad core Xeon with 16 Gigs of RAM. It only has a few VMs on it now.

I’ve played a game using roll20 but I’ve not been a GM with the system.