Galileo update


This is an update on the Galileo project's_Finger.

Clyde Kober has finished laser-etching the three signs. I plan to
stop by his place to pick them up and bring them to tomorrow night's
meeting for show and tell. The 'ornament thingie' is at the hive now
so we can see how they look together.

I'd like to bring up two related items in the business meeting; (1) to
give Clyde a receipt for the $25 cost so he can write-it-off as a
donation on his taxes and (2) setting up some form of "friends-of-the-
HIVE" or "favorite links" area of our website so we can publicize the
availability his laser cutting/etching services. I'm not opposed to
having a section with Mitch's stuff, the CMKT4 stuff, Craig's drink
shield, our HIVE13 T-shirts and such. There could be some discussion
on point (2).

Also, the Arduino prototype of the Galileo ultrasonic distance sensor
and traveling RGB LED app is up and running on the Board-duino now to
show. Paul, can we see and test your Sharp IR sensors as a less
costly alternative to the MaxBotix ultrasonic sensor?

Some of the plywood parts for the HIVE13 base are cut and we've
started on that.