Galileo update - two items for tonight's meeting (that I will miss)


I've been slammed being out-of-town for work these past several weeks
and will miss tonight's meeting too. I have bought more supplies for
the Galileo base, but have not been home to work on them.

Please consider in tonight's meeting about two items that have been
mentioned before:
(1) Starting a side page off the HIVE13 website to publicize "friends
of the hive" to include Clyde Kober for his laser cutting/engraving
services and to include other folks too.
(2) Coming up with a PDF file / paper page format receipt to
acknowledge tax exempt donations to the HIVE, to Clyde for his laser
engraving donation to the Galileo project and to others too.


You have been busy, its still Monday, the meeting is tomorrow.

That said, I will make sure your items make it onto the Agenda.


I'm working on the website right now. What is the URL I should add for Clyde?


His business card information is:
Cin-dee’s Crafts & personalized creations
Cindy & Clyde Kober
phone: 513.451.1197
cell: 513.608.6904