Galileo update - Arduino LED prototype up and running

Well, I will finally be in-town on a Tuesday! For those that have
been tracking the progress, there is a just-now running prototype of
the LED circuit to show off tomorrow night.

The setup is an Arduino (really a Boarduino) breadboarded to three
TLC5940 chips, driving 16 tri-color LEDs (48 individual channels)
using the BasicUse.pde sketch from
to do the simple Knight Rider flashing sequence for now.

The next step will be to scale-up to twelve TLC5940 chips (maybe even
on custom boards) driving 48 tri-color LEDs (144 individual channels)
and the real sketch (program) that will use the three sonar distance
sensors with the blinking pattern and physical LED layout planned to
go inside the Galileo shell. Details for the new LED layout are
coming together using laser-cut plexiglass. We'll also switch to the
"Lilypad Arduino" since its funky round circuit board will be a better
fit than the boarduino.

The plan is to be ready to go to the Detroit Maker Faire July 30-31.
Thanks for all the help and inputs getting to this point.