Galileo needs a laser fab tech to help cut out some new parts

Which of the HIVE's certified laser fab technicians want to help cut
out some new acrylic parts for Galileo's finger?

I've got dxf file toolpaths to run with someone willing to help make
these new parts. Reply to setup meeting at the HIVE perhaps later
this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, or Tuesday night.

Galileo's finger has been up and running (with 5 of 6 circuit boards)
for the past weeks at the HIVE. All looks OK, except the function and
location of the three distance sensors are not obvious to the casual
observer. We've been casting about for a way to highlight that they
are there.

We started with an idea to fab some Maker-Bot parts. These would be a
horn (or funnel) cone shaped part that fit over the sonar distance
sensors. We made these in individual red, green, and blue colors, but
they did not turn out great. Also the green horn seemed to affect the
green distance sensing.

The new and better idea is to laser-cut and glue together some sign
parts from acrylic. The three signs would fit over the distance
sensors as shown in the new documentation images at the very bottom of
the Galileo project page's_Finger


I absolutely love reading over that wiki page. It still amazes me, how much time and detail Jim has put into this project.