Galileo Arduino update & help request


From last Tuesday's collaboration, it really was trivial to prototype-

up the loaner MaxBotix LV-Maxsonar-EZ distance sensing input with a
single red LED output with the Arduino.

FYI - The best setup sees to be to have the LED blink "on" briefly (20
millisec) and then stay off for 2 seconds at a stand-off distance of
about 50 inches or more. As you approach, the 2 second "off" time
shortens to zero at about 14 inches. A quadratic equation worked
better than a linear equation for the curve that shortens the delay

It becomes real intuitive that the gizmo is reacting to your
approach. It will look even better with the six inputs and the 2 red,
2 green, 2 blue LEDs in the full Monty version.

(1) Are there any available RGB LED's left over from the glass block
project? We want to tackle the multiple color outputs as the next
step and want to borrow one to prototype with, either still before
Tuesday, or on Tuesday night.

(2) Also can we borrow someone's six-pin Arduino programming cable to
download code onto the Boarduino?


Sorry I missed the last meeting, I have both items requested at the hackerspace.

The Sharp ir distance sensors are not as accurate but I have found them online for around $10 a piece (with cables). I have used them on my rc car project and they work well enough.

I have about 40 rgb leds in my electronics box and the ftdi cable is in my locker.