FYI - Job opportunity at UC

Hi folks,

I wanted to share a recently posted 3-year term job opportunity with the group since this is a tech-y and hands-on position. If you have any questions, I’m hoping to make it to the Annual Meeting and would be happy to give you more details.


Position Opening: Digital Imaging Coordinator (3-year appointment renewable), University of Cincinnati Libraries

Within the University of Cincinnati’s Preservation Services and Lab, coordinates the UC Library’s digital imaging projects and workflows, ensuring successful project completion. Operates and maintains digitization equipment and software. Creates imaging workflows, including image quality controls, digital conversion, and production reports. Works in a learning environment within a highly collaborative Library atmosphere to increase and enrich online access to the UC Libraries’ collection of rare and unique materials. For more information and to apply, please visit

I have a graphic design background and extensive Photoshop / Creative Cloud experience.

However, I have not graduated from, nor attended UC (I have heard they usually give preference to UC alumni for jobs).

I would be open to exploring this as a job option, though.