FYI - Interesting waterjet offering

I’m not saying it is time to pull the trigger, but FYI the attached link from the Make Newsletter promotes a lower-cost kit offering from waterjet machine company. They are promoting 2’x2’, 5’x5’ and 5’x10’ working envelope machine kits in the $65k to $84k price range. That is out of our current price range for sure, but it is an interesting market development to share.


Neato. I bet Coy would start living at Hive 24/7 if we had the 10x5.


We could put it in the new rental space. :smile:

Start a telethon.

How about this one

Little shop in Bromley KY, has a large one like that

Steidle Fabricating CO

He’s pretty good guy , though might have to wait a little on part cut outs, usually little bit back log on the water jet.


the guy from the link you sent was supposed to post all the plans and info for making his machine. I tried to contact him many times, he never answered to me…

too bad, the total cost was pretty low…

yes, 5k would rock even for 2’ x 2’ , at 1/4 inch or what ever its depth is, but i suspect in way its a DIY project and that’s just the parts price :wink: , assuming can get / build a pump and PSI lines and nozzle reasonably,

So hey I did some digging threw some other sites on the guys made the hydro, or meam water or what ever names they went threw in the last 3 years :wink: , Seems, they decided on they have some specs etc up on the site.
Or a knock off, but suppose to become available like next month or so…

Just FYI , info