FYI - CNC Shark at the Rockler store in Tri-County


FYI - Last Friday I visited the Rockler store in Cincinnati. I
started from their website looking to get a
router speed control unit and was pleasantly surprised to see there
was a local retail store at 421 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246.

It is a very nice establishment that caters to higher-end
woodworking. They have a wide selection from power tools and
accessories to hardware, finishing supplies and exotic hardwoods.
They even had a small-scale CNC machine in the store; a CNC Shark (TM)
they retail for Next Wave Automation

The store manager is John LaGrange. I chatted with his associate,
Gene, and told him about HIVE13 and gave him one of our cards. I got
a couple of their catalogs and flyers to bring over to the HIVE
tomorrow night.

All you budding woodworkers may want to make a pilgrimage to this
place at some point in time. It is way better than your local big box
Home Depot or Lowes and worth the visit.

Make sure you tell them you are with HIVE13. Who knows, there may be
some possible synergies with theim into the future.


Contact this store by email or phone: (513) 671-7711