Fuses, Relays, Coils and other fun components :)

Sorry I have not been down in a few weeks, luckily next week is looking good to come down though. Just wanted to throw this out there to see if the HIVE would like a set for in house or other people for at their homes / cars. I used to due this quite a bit when I had the shop as it was much cheaper for myself and the customer however most of what I had left was dwindling. I have worked out a bulk pricing thing with pull and pay in that I can feel a decent sized shoe box half way for 25 bucks or less. I had to order a bunch of fuses in all different sizes after my trailer harness caught on something and absolutely wrecked all of my light fuses bot normal and on the trailer harness side. Even with the decent discount I get at the parts stores it still is like 5 bucks for single fuses in some cases or 4 bucks for a 5 pack if lucky. So yeah, my dad and I hobbled to just a few cars as they were only open for 10 more minutes at pull and pay however I was able to get some great power window, flashers, locks, AC, heated seat relays as well as fuses coming out of everywhere lmao. Attached is a photo and I can easily stop by again with my dad and hit a bunch of cars up and even get enough fuses to where if people wanted to take a few of each size we would have a ton left over to organize in a wall bin. I believe ALDI or menards is where Katie grabbed me a new organizer for all this stuff and bulbs/etc. Attached is a photo and I think I paid 25 bucks plus to get in however yeah… It is super cheap and if people would like it down there I would gladly make a nice, well stocked and organized set for diy electronic setups (I get fuse holders for really cheap) and for doing repairs. The main 4 prong relays I have on the right side of the picture are 23 bucks at the dealer and are great quality so 1 of them alone to use on a project or fix the AC in your vehicle is priceless lol. Any input or what you are needing specifically just post it up on here.