Full Tower PC Case Set up for Water Cooling, Includes Radiators, Reservoir, 1000w Power Supply, and Fan Speed Controller

Is anyone interested in an older (circa 2008) Lian Li full tower PC case, modified for cable management and to hold four water cooling radiators (1x 360mm, 2x 240mm, and 1x 120mm)? The case comes with the four radiators, 8x 120mm fans, 1x 140mm fan, a FrozenQ Liquid Fusion Reservoir, a 4 channel fan speed controller, and a Corsair HX1000 power supply, modded with single cable sleeving on most cables?

Cleaning and assembly is required, but I’m willing to help anyone who is interested (in case you have never done a custom water-cooled system).

I’m not quite ready to give it all away for free, but if you message me with a price that shows you have a somewhat educated idea of what this stuff costs, I’ll almost certainly say yes.


Kevin M.