Is there anyone on the list with sufficient Fritzing-fu to help me get past a few issues I’m running into? I’m trying to build diagrams and documentation for the RFID project but I’m having some issues getting the relay for the door built up correctly (and can’t seem to find an RFID reader, but, I can deal with that for the time being).

Let me know!


Have you checked adafruit for the RFID diagram? I think they have all of their components and boards in Fritzing.

I’ve only poked around with the software a few times, so I’m not much help there. Let us know what you find; I’d like to document some of my own projects with it in the future.


I’ve looked around AdaFruit’s RFID stuff, and only saw things at the component level. I’m looking for a drawing similar to this:

I’m going to work on this a little bit more during the day today (as long as work is slow) to see if I can continue to make progress on it…if all that’s missing is the RFID reader in the end, I’ll be happy and think I can make it work.


I was thinking of their github repository,, but didn’t see any of their RFID items in there.