Fried chicken at Tuesday meeting - Tuesday 7/23

I feel like frying chicken. I don’t know why - I just do.

On Tuesday July 23rd at 6:30 PM prior to the weekly Hive13 public meeting I will be frying 24 pieces of chicken out on the loading dock. My plan is to donate the chicken and ingredients and ask for a $2/piece donation to Hive13. Bring cash.

I will be reserving two piece for myself and six for potential guests. If you wish to reserve some for yourself (2 piece limit on reservations) please reply to this thread. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

I will not be providing any other food or beverages - just chicken… because I feel like frying chicken, not starting a food truck. If you wish to contribute something that goes well with fried chicken that would be swell! Please chime in here and follow through.

If there is demand for more than 24 pieces I may be willing to do more if others volunteer to help. But remember, I’m not starting a food truck, I just want to fry chicken…

The weather looks like it will be gorgeous. Sunny, 75 F, low humidity.

Dave (3.0) Schwinn

Ultra-mega Chicken?
No... Shh...he is legend.

Calling dibs. I’ll bring some sauce.

As pictured here. Fried asparagus, white wine and PB Blaster not included.

Recipe: I don’t use recipes per se but my process will be to sous vide the chicken for several hours to pasteurize it and get it to perfect temp, then double dip it between milk and my secret flour/spice blend then very quickly fry it.

Count me in, Dave's the real MVP here

Sign me up for a piece of chicken.

Making fried chicken is a MOST EXCELLENT maker skill. I will be out-of-town on this night, but would participate if I could. Dave (3.0) Schwinn YOU ROCK!


Count me in, too.

I'm in!

I’m gonna be thinking about this chicken all day today at work…

I too am in.

LOL, you’d better! I got up at 6 AM to get this chicken on a brine (salt, soy sauce, sugar and a touch of pickle juice). I know I said I was making 24 pieces but I wound up getting 32 because… fried chicken. I plan on hitting the Hive at about 2:30 PM to get the souse vide going. With that much volume of meat I want to give it more time in the hot water to ensure pasteurization. I’ve got my turkey fryer loaded up in the car and the rest of the stuff on the kitchen counter (not the chicken… the chicken is chillin’ in the fridge. Looking forward to this tonight! I think I’ve thought of everything and I should be able to handle most of it myself but I’m grateful that there will also be a building full of hungry volunteers and a kitchen.

We are picking up some surplus gear before the meeting but I will try and grab some snacks.

Not sure of the status of the chips from last week, there was a lot left over.

My expected travel plans got cancelled. Is it too late to put in my order and join the dinner? JimD

Sure, but day of event prices are double… (not really)

I am aiming to have the chicken ready at 7:00 PM tonight. We have the oven to keep it warm for anyone who straggles in but if you’re eating chicken, dinner time is 7:00 PM

I will point out that it has been a very long time (OK, never…) since I’ve fried 32 pieces to be served at the same time. I say at the same time because the cook intends to eat with everyone else. This ain’t no grab and go food truck.

Don’t forget your small bills to make a donation to the Hive. $2/piece.

Ezra.wolf76 1:15 PM
oh, @Dave 3.0 reserve 2 fried chickens one for me and one for Mr. mario, i dont know how to reach the mailing list so im texting you here

Should we bring a bucket of KFC for comparison? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL! I’ve certainly set a high expectation, haven’t I?

The waiting begins…

Thanks Dave, for your awesome meeting contribution!