Friday 2600

Greetings Everyone,
Thought I’d shoot out a shout bout 2600 Meeting Friday been kinda dead for a bit and try and drum up some people for this months meeting. I know most of the on vacation peeps been out to BlackHat Defcon and Dragoncon , certianly love to hear bout some those. If nothing else I guess I could flap about on shadow hive and recovering bitlocker keys when some idiot nukes profile’s or something bout some the fancy new virus covered in recent Cinci security conf.

Could use at least 1 member :wink: so we can get in hate to have to start the night on hacking RFID :smiley:

I’ll show up on friday evening, so you will be able to get into the place. No plans for doing anything 2600 related just yet, but I’ll try come up with something. Would love to hear more about the stuff covered at defcon and dragoncon.

I’ll be there too. With all thisnew Snowden/NSA stuff, I am going to update my NSA wiretap talk a bit and give it.

I’ll do my best but no promises. Have to see what the rest of this week holds.

Greetings Ladies and Gent’s ,

Its that Time Again Friday’s 2600 Meet at the Hive :slight_smile:

Thought I would see if anyone has anything interesting they like to talk about or any interest in Crypto / bitlocker recovery ?!?! an dplaying with window shadow Hive ?!?!

Or shall we Bug Chris about last week’s SkyDog convention ?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday is a scheduling nightmare, but I will do my best to make sure that we’re there to give our SkydogCon talk about Operational Security and Mental Health Services. Barry, would you mind giving your talk first, in case I’m late?

Sure can, going to try and build the sacrificial machine later today.