Freebie for the Hive?

I have several laboratory fume hoods (Labconco and St. Charles brand) and would be happy to donate one to Hive13. They usually run a couple grand or so. They were all purchased at auction as working, which isn’t a surprise seeing as most of the work is done by the shape of the metal inside the cabinet to direct fumes up (you hook it to your air handler, there’s a duct on top). The glass windows are on a counterweight, so they move smoothly. I’m re-purposing one into a special spray booth. All the knobs on the front are pre-plumbed for gas, vaccuum, I don’t know.

It is heavy, but easily move-able by two people with a couple furniture dollies. Pickup would be in Northside.

If a someone also wants one for themselves, I can make you quite the deal.

2016-05-24 12.17.53.jpg