free tomato plants

I have ~20 extra tomato plants started from seed, currently residing in solo cups…free to a good home. If you want some (or just one) let me know and I’ll bring 'em to the tuesday meeting. I planted a bunch of varieties so there’s only a few of each type…


yellow cherry
cherokee purple

white tomesol

red boar

beauty king

solar flare

berkely tie die (these are kinda wimpy)


I could take one or two of the cherokee purple’s off your hands if you don’t mind.


If there are any more cherokee purple I will gladly take them. Also a couple roma if possible.

Ian B.

I would happily take a few, I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes, but real ripened tomatoes are special, and also make good prezzies… (and easy to grow too)

I would be more interested in any of the ‘not red’ ones just for the novelty!!

white, purple, yellow, tie dye!

I'd love to get two, surprise me with anything but the white ones.

Hey Mike? My cranky old lady friend got moved to the rehab place tonight, I am still down here. If you brought plants for me, can you leave them on the counter or table? I’ll stop in a bit later, but I don’t know who will still be around.

Will do, hope the rehab helps her!