Free to a good home

We were cleaning out the electronics area and have put some item up for adoption. Misc stuff, a vintage oscilloscope, vintage volt meter, power supplies, etc.




I will take the Volt meter and the Heathkit power supply.


Specifically the Volt meter with the roll up door. :wink:


Does the oscilloscope still work?

We can test it on the electronics bench.

Okay, I think I can make time this next week. Any evenings you might be in? I think around 19:00 to 20:00 is about the time I could make it. Otherwise, there’s always next weekend.

I’m usually at the Hive meeting Tuesday night from 7:30 onward.


Alrighty, I’ll get out there this next Tuesday, then.

The old Tek scope worked quite well last time I hooked it up.