Free to a good home.

I won’t be able to make the meeting Tonight, but I left an Ultra-Bot chassis and a bunch of little acrylic cut parts on the meeting table… it’s free to who ever wants it.



Rushes to Hive

Almost took this home at the meeting on Tuesday. Did anyone grab it yet? Bill, I was wondering if you have the motors/extrudor/microcontroller needed to complete it…and if so how much $ you would take for the parts? :slight_smile:

Mike H.

I’d go out on a limb here and say its been converted into a Pi !!!

Mike, I’m still staring at it. It’s 3:30.

lol - if it is still there at 5;30 when we get off work we’ll take her home but if not, we are not too sad! feel free to take her!

It’s gone. :slight_smile:

Now we just have to figure out everything about it! Lol! It may make it back to the hive to use the one that’s assembled as a guide! Thanks again Bill! I’m sure I will learn tons!!

By chance, can you bring my Ultra-Bot in Tonight? I need it for an event on Friday and I have to reassemble the bottom.