Free to a good home (spy robot)

I’m working on my Fast Track Auction addiction . . . .

I picked this toy robot up on the auction and I realize that I will never do anything with it.

I charged the battery and drove it around using the app you can download. It seems to work fine. It is a bit noisy and hard to control. Perfect for someone wanting to do some kind of simple robot project.

MeBo robot.jpg

This is no fancy robot, all plastic and pretty noisy. The camera feed does work to your phone, and you can scoot around and pick stuff up. I would equate it to the cheap drones you can get that use your phone’s wifi to control them.

If someone wants it, I’ll bring it to the Tuesday meeting. Otherwise I’ll probably drop it off at Goodwill.

:slight_smile: my niece and nephew would love to use it me if you still have it, let me know what i owe ya.

MeBo robot.jpg

Sold to Kevin!

You can buy me a beer. :beer:



I left it at the Hive (under one of the big speakers) with a post it note with your name on it. Feel free to pick it up.
If you can’t get there for a while I can bring it home.


I will be down this week, I ended up getting a new job and had to get tools and equipment moved in today. Thank you very much! I will catch you at the next meeting hopefully.