Free laser minutes

Hello, there has been some questions on how the free laser minutes
work. So I'm going to take a moment to describe the process.

Both Elite and Full members get 16 free minutes a month and
cornerstone members get 32 free minutes a month.

These minutes are non-transferable and do not roll over like purchased minutes.

In order to receive your free minutes you must *first* have an account
setup on with an email that matches your paypal

Then when your *next* paypal payment goes through your minutes will
automatically be added.

You can purchase normal minutes via the site for $30
for an hours worth. These minutes do not expire and you can sell them
off to other hive members or people you know. If you know somebody
who needs to use a laser cutter, feel free to purchase minutes through
the hive and sell the laser time to your client at a larger markup.
In general minutes on the laser cutter at the hive is significantly
cheaper than a normal corporate business would rent it so you could
make a nice profit. You will need to be trained to use the laser
cutter before you can operate it on your own. At which time you will
get 'certified' and a small medal will appear next to our name on the
lazer site. If you want less than an hours worth of minutes just ask
around the space and I'm sure somebody will sell you a smaller amount.

Feel free to post any questions in this thread.


Are the minutes total time spent futzing with the laser cutter, or
actual fire time (i.e. time spent wearing out the tube)?

If the latter, does the PC that controls it keep track to update the
lazer site or at least help show time spent firing?

The laser cutter runs independently of the PC (cuts are downloaded from the PC into local memory on the laser) and the laser display shows how long a cut runs. (fire time) You have to manually enter this information into (honor system)