Free items

Hi all,
We are about to move and have a queen bed frame, new under range hood, and propane smoker free for pick up. Putting them on the curb, feel free to pick up! May also put other items tjere

3454 Alta Vista ave
Cheviot, Ohio 45211



I would be interested in the smoker, would it be possible for me to swing by tomorrow to pick it up?

If Paul flakes out, I’ll throw in for the smoker.

Paul you are welcome to it! Lmk what time!

Just need everything gone before Wednesday as the house is getting photographed for the listing. Thanks all!

Is the range hood one that goes over the stove? The hive could use a hood as there is nothing now.


I can't transport it, but if someone else gets it to the Hive I'll gladly install it.

I’m heading out Sunday around 2:00 to look at some stuff that Kim Schueler has from her father. (Werk road)
Looks to be near Alta Vista Ave. I could swing by and pickup the range hood then drop the stuff off at the Hive.

We dropped off the hood, cleaned out our wood storage and the shelving racks, and put a rotovap (rotary evaporator) in purgatory (feel free to junk it, but I know plenty of people with diy bio and chemistry hobbies ;)).



Stay tuned folks. It’s very likely I’ll be putting up a curb alert later this week which may include useful things, and / or unobtanium.