Free Helium

I have a source for the helium free of charge. Give me 1-2 weeks
notice and we will be set. It will be a large tank but probably no
regulator. I don't believe we will need one.

Tye, this is awesome.

Rob, do you need helium for your blimpduino stuff? We should coordinate.


That’s awesome Tye!

All this talk about Helium and rigid air ships really makes me want to watch the Archer episode called Skytanic. lol. It’s a must watch if you haven’t seen it. Also available on the XMBC at the Hive :wink:


+1 on skytanic

I think I still have a co2 regulator that I used on my fish tank at the office that we can retrofit if we need one.




Free helium would be great. We can work out logistics.

Paul and I will have to jumpstart the Blimpduino. Sorry I've been
AWOL; work has gotten interesting lately.


I would need the tank back in a somewhat reasonable time frame.
However, a couple weeks with the tank would probably be OK

Skytanic++ :smiley: