Free engine hoist.

I’m clearing out my shop. Free engine hoist if you pick it up. I’m in Oakley, call/text if you want it. 912-220-2973

Is this something the HIVE could use? Picture please.

I can get a picture next week. It’s currently buried in the rest of the purge detritus. It’s about 5 feet high with an arm the extends about 7ft. It’s good to something like 2000 lbs or 3000 lbs. it’s very much like this one but without the Air attachment.

i am interested in it if the hive does not grab it.

Nancy, would you like to pick it up Saturday? That way the rest of the hive has time to chime in. Also the junk man comes Friday to get all the other crap out of the way.

sure… though, will that fit in my Van? or do I need to get a pickup truck for moving it?

It will totally fit. It folds up and if that’s too big it comes apart.

I would also be interested in it.

Matt Malarik

I am also intrested in the hoist as I sold my last one when closing the shop in blue ash. However we just put in a really nice steel building/ barn at my father in laws so I have a lot of room for equipment again. For the people interested in the lift I would have no problem storing and maintaining it, as well as have a truck and trailer to bring it to any of the hive members who might need to borrow it.

I just wanted to throw that out there since the building is complete and I got the new truck finally :slight_smile:


I found one cheap locally so by all means I know I am likely 3rd or 4th in line after you guys. Just wanted to throw that offer out.

Sorry I went AWOL for a bit. The hoist has been claimed.