Free day at sparkun!

Up to $100 only pay shipping. This is awesome. They will even do rainchecks for out of stock items!



I've been (cheap) and avoiding buying some of this stuff. Now I get
to use WAPT to automate my cart population so I can ZIP on out of
there before they get DDOS'd into non existence.

So perhaps we need to set up a hive-wide script that will fire off every single one of our loaded carts at 9:00:05AM

And, so that we don’t feel any guilt, testing it will involve running the script through a nominal purchase for each of us beforehand.

But I’d be surprised if they don’t put a capcha or something in place…

I wouldn't try to fully automate the process but I'm glad someone else
is thinking about how to "get in" quick. I'm thinking I'm going to
have a script that loads all the items into my cart and then dumps me
onto the checkout page, past that I'll have to drink five 5 hour
energy drinks so I can turboclick my way into arduino development.