Free CRT Projectors

I have two Electrohome brand CRT projectors that we need to get rid of. I have quite a few parts, spares, etc. for them. They worked properly last time they were used (about 3 years ago) and have been stored in a cool, dry location since then. Part of the reason that they haven’t been used much is that I’m not very good at setting them up. (I got them from a friend who moved to San Fran) They require someone with experience setting them up as you need to align the beams EVERY TIME YOU MOVE THEM. These do NOT have a VGA input. These do not have an RCA input. You need something that can output a COMPOSITE video signal at a specific frequency / refresh rate to use these.

I have these up on Craigslist too. Please feel free to cross-post this to other hackerspace mailing lists. I’d really like for them to go to a good home but we aren’t making use of them and don’t really have room for them @Hive13.

blundar at gmail dot com!