free CAMBAM license discount for member and comparison

Hello everyone,

I have two good news fro the space. The first one is that I contacted Andy from HexRay and he offered a free full license for the space. We can install it on multiple PC and it will never expire. This license is reserved for the hive PC and can’t be installed on other one. But Andy gave me a discount code for 15% off the regular price for hive members.

Before receiving this e-mail, I was testing and comparing two different software for our CNC. Vectric Vcarve pro and CAMBAM. I won’t give you all the details but basically, the two software are supporting 2D (dxf) and 3D file (.stl) and all the basic operation are supported by both. The main differences are:

  • Vcarve pro doesn’t support .svg file, CAMBAM does.

  • Vcarve pro doesn’t support Gerber files for PCB engraving, CAMBAM does.

  • Vcarve pro can generated wrapped rotary toolpath to machine cylinder, CAMBAM can’t.

  • The interface of Vcarve pro is maybe more user-friendly and there is a nice machining preview built-in

The regular price for Vcarve pro is $699 and for CAMBAM is $149. Now, CAMBAM is free… so I think we have made our choice!


So both have 3d capabilities?

Yes, both can import .stl and carve in 3D using this kind of files.