FREE* All steel filling cabinets

Description formerly owned by L3 (so slightly to mildly abused) four drawers per unit, 5 units total. Shaw walker and art steel are the two brands I can identify. I thought I had a buyer lined up some time ago, unfortunately when the "buyer" or 'flake' no showed or called my brother couldn't be bothered to move them back in side so they have a little surface rust that's easily taken care of with the right tools & 5-10 minutes/ea, I'd rather open up the opportunity for anyone who might possibly have a use please let me know. Last call before scrap yard,

* = <if> you drive any truck or other vehicle/combination to their current location and load them up yourself.

I can deliver for a co$t, if need be.

If interested please PM directly via
Thank you,


You have a pic Liz?