Free 20MHz Analog Scope - Pickup Only

Hey All,

I'm home for the holidays and cleaning out my lab.
I have a LS1020 oscilloscope, free to a good home.

See the specs here:

If you want it, drop me a line, and we can arrange for pickup.
I'm out in Batavia.




I'm sure the HIVE would like to have such a fine resource donation.
I'm out on the east side of Cincinnati, fairly close to Batavia, at
least compared to west side folks. Maybe you and I can arrange a
mutual time for me to come out and pick it up sometime?


Ah yes, Jim lives near me. Between the two of us I’m sure we can handle pickup of you donations :slight_smile:

Thanks again! We really appreciate it!


If you have any spare Logic Analyzers or FPGA dev. tools, please let me know.

(I’m in Milford)

  • Ralph Hyre