Formlabs Referral Code

Formlabs offers $500 off their printers with a referral. Does anyone have one or know someone who does that I could use their referral? We are buying a Form 3 at work and figured I’d check before ordering.



I do know they do an educator discount - has anyone talked to them and asked if they would do a non-profit discount?

I did ask about that when I first started looking and they said they didn’t have any discounts for non-profits or makerspaces.

If Hive13 eventually does get one, I would certainly be able to offer the referal code we get with the one I am ordering for work.

we are ordering this printer tomorrow. Anyone know of anyone who would be able to share a referral code? Not only does it help me get $500 off, but the person offering the code gets $500 to spend on resins and/or accessories.

I should have a code for you within the hour.

Thanks Jeff!

if anyone else decides to order a Formlabs printer, or knows someone who is going to, let me know. I now have a code I can share so you/they get $500 off and I can get $500 worth of resin.