Forming a Google Technology User Group

Greetings everyone. After attending Google I/O last month, I realized there wasn’t really any formal Google Technology User Groups here in the area. (GTUGs) I have gone through the official channels and formed one. I am hoping that we can leverage the synergies of HIVE13 with this more formal group, which is recognized by Google. I have formed a Google Site here as well as a Google Group for discussions.

I know we’ve got a few people interested in Android development, as well as other Google technologies. (I’ve been recently cutting my teeth on App Engine with Python, as well as their storage model) There are some other technologies that I think we can explore, including Android’s ADK (Accessory Development Kit) which has some cool tools for tying in arduinos to android devices via USB.

I met some other developers from Cincinnati at the Google I/O conference so hopefully we can attract a few new HIVE13 members in the process.

The first meeting will be at my office on Monday, June 20th although I hope we can meet at the HIVE space at some point once we can get the temperature under control. So join the Google Group if you’re interested and hopefully we can create another track for the HIVE as this thing gets rolling.



Sounds awesome! I have built a proof of concept drink shield using the ask and a USB host shield. I’ll try to attend the meeting.

Just a reminder - tomorrow night will be the first Cincinnati GTUG meeting. It will be from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at 312 Plum Street, Suite 1420 Cincinnati, OH 45202.

The goal of the first meeting is to meet everyone in the region that’s into Google technology as well as formulate some ideas on future meetings/topics. I’ll be providing the pizza and beverages.

Feel free to pass this on to any groups that you think might be interested in this.